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Halloween Costume Contest

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are unable to host the annual HOA Halloween party this year, but that won't stop us from having a little bit of fun!

The House Officers Association is excited to announce that we will be holding a virtual costume contest! There will be cash prizes.

Here are the deets:

Best Individual Costume

Grand Prize: $100
First Runner-up: $50
Open to all members of the HOA

Best Family Costume

Grand Prize: $100
Open to HOA members and their families. Define "family" however you want. Kid and pet cuteness are likely to be your best strategies.

Best Group Costume:

Grand Prize: $200 to be split evenly among the HOA members in the group.
Open to groups of at least two HOA members and their friends.

What are the rules?

The Fine Print

The prize format will be VISA gift cards.

The maximum prize to any single House Officer is $100.

If someone wins in multiple categories, such that they would be awarded more than $100, the excess prize will be evenly distributed amongst the other HOA members in the winning Group, then winning Family, not to exceed $100 for each HOA member. If there is still an excess prize, it will be evenly distributed amongst HOA members in the second place Group.

HOA staff have the final say on determining winners, distributing prize money, and interpreting the rules.

HOA staff may disqualify or remove a contest submission for any reason.

By submitting your photos for entry, you agree to allow the HOA to publish them on this website for the purposes of conducting the contest.

You may ask that your entry be withdrawn at any time, at which point your photos will be removed from the site and you will no longer be eligible to win.

Starting December 1st, any entrant, including winners, may request that their photos be removed from the site.